Need ~ Medicare Medicaid Business Analyst – Client: North Highland / Columbia, SC (onsite one week per month)

Must be local to SC. Here is the updated job description. Please send me SC local profiles. 

Must be your W2. We can subcontract but not Sub Subcontract. 

In addition to the details on a Medicaid operations subject expert we discussed, the below detail provides additional requirements for what’s needed from this role. 

The Contractor must clearly show experience in relation to Financial Management Systems and/or self-directed services for Medicaid eligible participants such as payroll and tax filing services, collecting and processing worker timesheets, calculating and processing employee benefits, understanding billing and other documentation, and making payments to vendors (non-payroll) for select services, goods, and supplies.

This person needs to be very comfortable with Medicaid operations, the financial aspects that correlate with claims billing/payment, funds management, and a good understanding of how money moves between business entities and financial institutions.