About Us

About Us

DataCarbon stands out as a rapidly advancing and highly accomplished Information Technology Consulting and Software Development firm in the RTP, North Carolina area. Our reputation, rapid growth, and public recognition are the direct outcomes of our unwavering dedication to client success. The majority of our revenue stems from referrals and repeat business, underscoring our continuous commitment to building strong relationships with our valued clients—an endeavor that we consider a full-time responsibility.

DataCarbon leverages profound industry expertise and close collaborations with clients, allowing us to introduce innovative perspectives and creative solutions to the challenges we tackle. Fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit, we are constantly driven to uncover improved ways of meeting clients' needs, fostering positive change for them, their industries, and the world at large.

DataCarbon Consulting, a locally owned firm, specializes in Information Technology consulting services catered to mid-tier businesses and clients globally. Our comprehensive range of IT consulting services employs established methodologies in both IT and management to deliver world-class results.

With decades of collective experience in the Information Technology and Consulting industry, the principals of DataCarbon Consulting have served a diverse range of clients across various industries. Their focus on implementing "Best Practices" in the development and deployment of business solutions has consistently yielded measurable bottom-line results. Through numerous Information Technology engagements, they have provided tangible benefits to clients and fostered sustainable partnerships. At the heart of our business is the synergy between skilled information technology consultants, practical methodologies, and a dedicated commitment to delivering genuinely beneficial IT solutions to the market.

DataCarbon provides an extensive array of professional Information Technology consulting services, encompassing software development, immediate project management, web application design, and development, along with IT management. Our team comprises skilled and seasoned IT professionals. The profound impact of technology fuels our aspirations, enhancing our communication abilities and contributing to a higher quality of work achievement.

IT Strategy

DataCarbon's strategy converges at the crossroads of technology and aspiration. In a landscape where technology is reshaping every organization, we advocate for a strategy that is both technology-enabled and motivational to capitalize on emerging opportunities. Be it business, technology, or operations strategy, we are dedicated to creating value, shaping innovative businesses, and consistently aspiring to successfully deliver on every new venture within stipulated timelines.

DataCarbon is organized into several practice areas: Human Capital, Strategy & Operations, and Technology. Across these immensely developing service sectors, professional consultants serve clients in a number of industries, including consumer and industrial products; energy and resources; federal and state government; financial services; mobile foundation life sciences and healthcare; and technology, media and telecommunications. The organization focuses on demonstrating leadership and making an impact on the issues that client’s are-or will be-facing. Through that leadership, CandorSoft helps clients gain confidence to make effective decisions and take the preferred path for their organizations.

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